Download video: Sonic: Distant Bond Episode 1 Dark Sonic Vs Shadow (Please Read Description First)

Channel: ZeroZWarrior


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WARNING: There is rapid flashes, so watch at own risks.
Hey guys, I'm back and the fight is finished. Although this is episode one this is just the little things i can do. I am new to this and I want all of you to spread the word, because with support I can make this story happen. I use Windows Movie Maker 2.6, Paint, Paint.NET, and Audacity.
And at a side note, around when Sonic says he has to unleash it, both Sonic and Shadow are screaming, not just Sonic.
Note that this is my first time making sprite movies, so leave comments to help me where I need help on. And if any of y'all can help me get a link to be like Jmkrebs30 or Super Fredrik Nilsson, I will always post something every week, because the story that I have for you all is awesome at best and please hit that like button. Because the more support y'all give me, the more I want to do my sprite movies and send it at for y'all to watch. This took me over 3 months but the fight took me two weeks to think of and put it down. Thank You and I get back to you later.
Also Credit JoshuaTheDark13, TheTechnoKid05, Nebula, SEGA, Mystical Forest Zone, Spriters-Resources, Sounds-Resources, YouTube, and anyone else I've might have missed.
The fight will be altered a bit for the actually sprite series itself, so if anything in this seems different in the future, please know that I am trying to extend the fight. And people, the reason why Shadow got his ass kicked was because he used all the power he had trying to kill SONIC, not DARK SONIC. So don't get on my ass about Shadow getting his ass kicked, because this is to show you all what just happened in my movie. Want to see more? Than give me support or links on how to be professional on how to be a great spriter like Jmkrebs30, Super Fredrik Nilsson, DestructionSeries, or any other spriters that are friggin' impressive to watch.