FALLOUT 4: The ULTIMATE Junk Collecting Guide! (What You Should Pick Up in the Wasteland)

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Hey guys, today we’re going to focus on junk items because personally my main character has low strength and I’m finding that I run out of carrying weight very easily. This video is designed to help you decide what kind of junk is worth picking up and what isn’t. We’ll talk about junk related perks, methods for tracking junk, and most importantly which items you should never ignore in the Wasteland. Enjoy!

Items with asterisk (*) denote high value.

Always Pick Up:
Abraxo Cleaner, Abraxo Cleaner Industial Grade*, Alarm Clock, Aluminum Canister, Antifreeze Bottle, Antique Globe, Antique Pocket Watch, Antique Silver Locket, Assaultron Circuit Board*, Bag of Fertilizer, Baseball Glove, Biometric Scanner, Blood Sac, Bones, Camera, Cans, Carlisle Typewriter*, Cauterizer, Cigar Box, Cigarette Carton, Classroom Globe, Clean Globe, Clipboard, Coffee Pot, Cooking Oil, Copper, Copper Bar*, Cracked Deathclaw Egg, Crystal Liquid Decanter*, Cutting Fluid, Deflated Kickball, Desk Fan, Distress Pulser, Duct Tape, Ear Examiner, Economy Wonderglue*, Enhanced Targeting Card*, Fancy Hairbrush, Flight Data Recorder, Flip Lighter, Fuse*, Fusion Pulse Charge*, Giddyup Buttercup Parts, Glass Pitcher, Globe, Gold, Gold Bar*, Gold Plated Flip Lighter*, Gold Watch, Handcuffs, High-Powered Microscope*, Ichor Sac, Inactive Distress Pulser, Industrial Solvent*, Institute Recorder, Jangles the Moon Monkey, Lantern, Lightbulb, Liquid Decanter, Luxobrew Coffee Pot, Magnifying Glass, Microscope, Military Ammo Bag*, Military-Grade Items*, Mini Nuke Parts, Mr. Handy Fuel*, New Toy Truck, Office Desk Fan, Oil Can*, Pack of Cigarettes, Pack of Duct Tape*, Pint Glass, Plastic Utensils, Plunger, Power Relay Coil, Preserved Cigarette Pack, Pencil, Pre-War Lamp, ProSnap Camera*, Prototype Biometric Scanner, Radioactive Gland, Radscorpion Stinger, Rat Poison, Recorder, Reporter's Camera, Research Test Tube, Restored Desk Fan, Rum Bottle, Scissors, Screwdriver, Sealed Wonderglue*, Sensor, Sensor Module, Silver, Silver Bar*, Silver Hairbrush, Silver Locket, Silver Pocket Watch, Small Baby Bottle, Suprathaw Antifreeze*, Sugical Tray, Sweeper, Teapot, Teeth, Telephone, Tin Can, Toothpaste, Toy Rocketship, Tri Tool, Turpentine, Typewriter, TV Dinner Tray, Undamaged/Unscorched/Unused Items, Vacuum Tube, Vegetable Starch*, Vodka Bottle, Wakemaster Alarm Clock*, Whiskey Bottle, Wine Bottle, Wonderglue, Youth League Baseball, Youth League Glove.

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