Download video: CERN - The End Of The World Is On SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2017

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JUDGEMENT DAY............. :(

Some scientists... blah blah blah CERNTAINLY!!

CERN is officially the end of the world.
This full video explains it perfectly. ;)

The End Of The World October 7th, 2015
End Of The World 10/07/15
Oct. 7th, 2015............ errrrrrrrr 11/07/15 .......... very likely NOVEMBER 7th,,, add december 7th to the list lol

Possibly december 7th IM NOT SURE!!!!!!!

IT MUST end in 7 though or else!!!!!! 7 IS THE COOLEST NUMBER.... SO YA

Now including end of the world january 7th and february 7th coming soon!!

March 7th has been added to the dates list lol.
Coming soon April

Skipped april, jumped to september, not moving it anymore cuz people whine insteas of reading video description 😢