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NEW: Ataman Ultra Carbine Compact Air Rifle - A new range of airguns is out their, and these are Russian, built to high standards and they are useable in the UK....wooohhoooo....sturdy, dam good looking I hope they do well. Team on the stand at IWA super friendly and ready to do business......many many people caught the Ataman bug at the show.
The video is short and sweet as I did not film it until 6pm, so DO check out the website.

The Airgun Gear show has been covering all aspects of airguns for the last 3 years, starting in 2010. The UK's best Air Rifle show actually began life on AirgunTV, for the first 7 episodes. I am often asked, do you get paid for the video's which you make, with the plain and simple truth answer "NO", we don't even get to keep the guns we film. In fact the guns which we shoot all go back to the manufacturer/distributor, we make the video's for the love of the air gun sport. Currently for the month of November 2013, in which I visited the Airgun Extreme Benchrest in Arizona, I am £2450.00 pounds down, due to travel, car hire and extra's.

I love to hunt rabbits, pigeons and rats, and will go shooting - hunting whenever I get the chance, preferably without the video camera. But why do I not film it, quite simply because I have tried and it never comes out right, the focus is always out or I miss the shot. I take my hat off to the hunting channels that are able to capture this footage over and over again, it takes great skill and time to be able to do this. I also feel that we have the privilege to still hunt in the UK, and want to keep that privilege and filming it all the time is giving ammo to the anti-hunters, even if it is a kill in a humane way. We all know what the products are used for. Killing an animal just to make a video, is not a reason to kill it, a good reason is for food, pest control and keeping the balance of nature.

Over the years we have featured, all manner of pellet guns, pellets, air guns, air rifles, pistols, CO2 guns and air pistols. Shooting at all types of targets, with some being silly and some being serious. I always try and entertain.

The air rifles and air guns that I film, only make it to camera if they are any good, in fact I reject for video far more than I actually show. In this month alone, I have refused to video 2 air guns and returned them to the supplier. So if it's good it goes on!!!

I am proud to work with the best manufacturers, Daystate, Air Arms, Weihrauch, Umarex, Crosman, ATi, Brocock, Walther, Huggett Products, H&K, Ruger and many more.

I use the Seban camera mount for my scope shots, which is a little tricky to set up each time, but the clarity through the scope -- reticule is far better than any other gadget, and I have tried the lot, including building my own. The many links can be found below.

I use 3 camera's for different types if filming.

My main camera is a Panasonic HDC -- SDT750 3D Capable camcorder. It's 2 years old now, but I just cannot fault it. I have never tried the 3D Lense which came with it, perhaps I should. It's only available second hand now.;jsessionid=4c2d3ec302e40628fcab9a431be2a28fddddade35e133f24270d30650de3e63a.e38Mbx4RbNuRby0Lbh10

My Second Camera is Toshiba Camileo P100, which is really a hand held pocket camcorder, and when the footage switches between the Panasonic HDC -- SDT750 and the Toshiba Camileo P100 you would never really notice the difference after it has been edited in Adobe CS6 Premier Pro.

My third is a pocket digital camera, the Fuji Film JZ700 -- Full HD. I use this during road trips to capture quick footage of everything gun and shooting stylie. The image clarity is great with 8x zoom and a good enough battery for around 200 shots or 30 mins video.

Please enjoy the video's I make.