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Volvo Trucks debuted a truck design this year that the company claims requires 30 percent less fuel than a comparable vehicle. Based on the body of an FH 420, the concept was built to have a tractor and trailer that improved aerodynamic efficiency by 40 percent. Side skirts, trailer-back spoilers and wraparound fairings helped, as did tires with lower rolling resistance. The concept model, which was tested in Sweden last fall, is 2.2 tons lighter than a conventional rig. It won’t be produced commercially, but the ideas behind it are already being worked into other Volvo vehicles, according to the company.
German designer Luigi Colani’s first foray into sleek truck design was in the 1970s, during the oil embargo and crisis. He uses organic, curvy shapes — a style he calls biodynamic — that makes his semis less resistant to wind. Some of his ideas are reminiscent of hammerhead sharks, “Star Wars” stormtrooper helmets or bulbous insect eyes. But aesthetics aside, Colani’s truck concepts have featured forward-thinking energy-efficient adaptations. The Innotruck, a demonstration vehicle from Siemens with a Colani design, included a battery pack, a cockpit that would dynamically adapt to each driver, wind turbines, regenerative brakes, solar cells and even exterior electrical outlets to allow outside vehicles to recharge. But Colani’s trucks are prohibitively expensive to produce, leaving the designs straddling the purgatory between commercial reality and artistic fantasy.
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The German automaker has a tested an operational prototype of this autonomous truck, which it calls an “intelligent beauty” that subscribes to the company’s “design philosophy of sensual purity.” The vehicle has a rounder shape that is inspired in part by the band Daft Punk. When the engine starts, the grille lights up with a white glow that replaces the headlights. In autonomous-driving mode, the light turns blue and pulsates like a heartbeat. The truck also includes radar sensors and stereo video cameras for use on highways.