Download video: SOVIET STRIKE - Mission 04: "Dracula Strike" (PS1, SLUS-00061, Greatest Hits Series 1998)

Channel: Alexander Perlov


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Walkthrough of the "Soviet Strike"
Mission 07 - "Dracula Strike"

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Specific improvements for the Greatest Hits Series include:

01) Added additional fuel, armor, and ammo to all levels.
02) Changed all missiles into rockets, i.e. they won't lock onto you and you can dodge them
03) Reduced weapon power on some of the nastier enemies (SKARs and BM-21s mainly)
04) Reduced armor on Aphid Soldiers by 40%
05) Changed the fuel rate so one tank lasts ~10 minutes
06) Made the end boss of Caspian, Dracula, and Kremlin easier to kill
07) Added additional depth charges to Black Sea for sub killing
08) Delayed the start of the tanks in Caspian
09) Delayed Nick's execution in mission 1&2 of Crimea
10) Took out SNAFU in Black Sea, mission 2
11) Added an additional unhidden super gun in Dracula and Kremlin
12) Gave the scientists in Dracula more armor
13) Increased Armor gained from POWs
14) Increased amount of time before SCUD launches in Dracula and ICBM launches in Kremlin
15) Decreased Mob Boss armor (Kremlin Mission #6)


Playthrough of the original 1996 release: