SURPRISE EGGS ABC Phonics | Learn A to Z Alphabet for Kids

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Surprise Eggs is not Disney, is not toys, it just is phonics Alphabet for your kids!!! :):
Surprise Egg ABC Phonics | Learn A to Z Alphabet for Kids
Kids Love Learning with Surprise Egg Videos. This video teach the ABC Phonics.
Surprise Eggs Videos can be Educational. This is very very Special Packs Learning Surprises into Every Egg.
I think this activity of coloring Easter eggs song is a lot of fun for kids and even parents, is the perfect time to spend time with your kids and have fun together.
Learn the ABC's with Surprise Eggs & the ABC Train. This Animated Surprise Eggs video for children uses brightly colored surprise eggs to teach the alphabet. The beautiful World of Animated Surprise Eggs - fun, educational, learning videos & songs for children, toddlers, and babies.
Discover fun surprises and learn ABC alphabet in this Song Surprise Eggs video for children and toddlers new 2015.
ABC Song and Alphabet Preschool Collection with 26 letter from a to z fun Alphabet episodes, phonics, and games for children, kids, kindergarten, and toddlers.

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The channel upload many video phonics for preschool kids, include abc song and a to z letter lesson, activities and gameplay so cute.
Kids ABC 123with so many fun ABC songs and activities
Let's learn the letter alphabet phonics song A to Z for kids preschool so fun and easy
아이들을위한 ABC 의 파닉스 노래를 배울
aprender ABC fonética canción para los niños
узнать ABC акустика песню для детей

A is the Apple
A is the Ant
A is the Alligator
A is the Airplane
B is the Banana
B is the Bird
B is the Balloon
B is the Bat
C is the Cat
C is the Camera
C is the Car
C is the Cake
D is the Duck
D is the Dog
D is the Doll
D is the Dance
E is the Elephant
E is the Egg
E is the Eight
E is the Elevator
F is the Frog
F is the Fish
F is the Five
F is the Fun
G is the Gorilla
G is the Grapes
G is the Glasses
G is the Girl
H is the Hut
H is the Horse
H is the Hat
H is the Hop
I is the Iguana
I is the Igloo
I is the Ink
I is the Insect
J is the Jam
J is the Jog
J is the Jet
J is the Jar
K is the Kite
K is the Key
K is the Kangaroo
K is the King
L is for Lion
L is for Lemon
L is for Leg
L is for Ladder
M is for Monkey
M is for Map
M is for Moon
M is for Man
N is for Nose
N is for Notebook
N is for Nurse
N is for Number
O is for Orange
O is for Owl
O is for Octopus
O is for Ostrich
Q is for Queen
Q is for Quilt
Q is for Quiet
Q is for Question
R is for Run
R is for Rain
R is for Robot
R is for Rabbit
S is for Snack
S is for Sit
S is for Sun
S is for Sock
T is for Tiger
T is for Telephone
T is for Two
T is for Table
U is for Umbrella
U is for Up
U is for Under
U is for Umpire
V is for Violin
V is for Vine
V is for Vase
V is for Van
W is for Whale
W is for Water
W is for Watch
W is for Window
Y is for Yoyo
Y is for Yalk
Z is for Zoo
Z is for Zebra
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