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Edit 14-7-2016: Comments have been disabled because of the salt that I don't feel like reading everyday.

Credit to the awesome Groundbreaking for the song!
You'll find it here

(Edit 15-12-2015: Since I gain allot questions about what program I use, I used Paint Tool Sai to draw and Videopad to edit.)

I kept listening to this song and I sort of had this whole story in my head so I decided to animate it (though I think its more like semi-animated since I don't have too much experience or frames).

By the way, I highly inspired by two Youtubers in their Toy Bonnie animation: The Game Theorist and Skylegend Animation. You may recognise some of the things I got inspired of.

You are welcome to be honest about my animation, as long as you're not acting like a butt.


As first, to not confuse you, there are in total 4 ages of Bonnie and they play all mixed up in this video, who is who? I'll tell ya.

First Bonnie: He has chest buttons and purple eyelids, he is from the first Freddy Fazbears Pizza.

Minor withered Bonnie: Still has purple eyelids and chest buttons, minor damage.

Withered Bonnie: No face, no arm and chest buttons, Bonnie from FNAF2.

Refreshed Bonnie: Black eyelids and no chest buttons, Bonnie from FNAF1.

I made sure you could mostly read his age by the chest buttons and eyelids... same counts for Freddy by the way.


Around 2:45 Toy Bonnie is scanning Bonnie ALONE and in my vieuw, the toy animatronics use allot of zeros and ones in their data (zero means false, one means true) Its a refrence to the ingame files of FNAF.
Toy Bonnie scans Bonnie which means:
0=He is not human
1=He is an animatronic
0=He is not Toy Freddy, Toy Chica or BB
1=He is outdated

And later on Toy Bonnie discoveres than Bonnie is indeed hostile and thus he became aggressive towards him.

Oh and I didn't add Mangle since I didn't really want to call it "Toy Foxy" so I used BB instead.