Pressurized Co2 Setup for Planted Aquarium

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Pressurized Co2 Setup for Planted Aquarium

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most important nutrients plants need in order to grow. Carbon is the one fundamental element that stands at the base of all life on Earth, underwater world included.

Successful aquascaping is all about healthy, full-grown plants. You may decide what plants you want to use in your aquascape, but CO2 is determining how well these plants grow and develop in time.

Components of a Pressurized CO2 System

CO2 cylinder – contains liquefied CO2 under high pressure, comes in various sizes (from 0.5 litres up to 10 litres). Pretty expensive to buy but very cheap to refill. Be careful with these cylinders and make sure to always handle them with great care as this is not something to mess around with. CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas that can be toxic in high concentrations.

Pressure regulator – allows you to regulate the pressure for a desired CO2 output, has 2 gauge pressure indicators, one shows the pressure inside the cylinder and the other reads the output pressure.

Needle valve – Has a sole purpose of regulating CO2 flow precisely, is usually supplied with CO2 regulators.

Bubble counter – does exactly what it says, counts your CO2 bubbles that go into your planted tank.

CO2 glass diffuser with ceramic disc – this helps in breaking down the big bubbles of CO2 into very fine tiny bubbles which are more efficiently spread into the planted aquarium water.