What is a Furuncle? (Boils)

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This video help describe what a furuncle or a boil is. We aren't doctors, so please consult a medical professional for real advice. Seriously, don't use this YouTube video for professional advice. However, it should be used for educational discussion purposes.

I would bet that the image at 0:09 isn't just a furuncle, but it is also a carbuncle. That means it isn't just a boil, but it could be multiple boils.

What Causes Furuncles?

Any type of bacteria or fungi can cause a furuncle. The most common cause is a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus. You might also refer to a boil as a staph infection. Everyone has Staphylococcus aureus on their skin as a normal occurrence. The bacterium causes an infection only if it enters your bloodstream through an open wound, such as a cut or a scratch. Once the bacterium is in your blood, your immune system tries to fight it. The boil is actually the result of your white blood cells working to eliminate the infection.

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