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Jane's International Defence Review 7/1997, pg. 15:


"Claims that the armour of Russian tanks is effectively impenetrable, made on the basis of test carried out in Germany (see IDR 7/1996, p.15), have been supported by comments made following tests in the US.
"Speaking at a conference on Future Armoured Warfare in London in May, IDR's Pentagon correspondent Leland Ness explained that US tests involved firing trials of Russian-built T-72 tanks fitted with Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armour (ERA). In contrast to the original, or 'light', type of ERA which is effective only against shaped charge jets, the 'heavy' Kontakt-5 ERA is also effective against the long-rod penetrators of APFSDS tank gun projectiles.
"When fitted to T-72 tanks, the 'heavy' ERA made them immune to the DU penetrators of M829 APFSDS, fired by the 120 mm guns of the US M1 Abrams tanks, which are among the most formidable of current tank gun projectiles.

New T-90TS MBT "TAGIL" the best tank in the world
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T-90 destroys Abrams, Leclerc, Leopards and helicopters from a distance of 5-7km ( "long arm"), has a multi-layer armor, dynamic security protection and means of combating ATGM (curtains, Arena, Drozd-2), the suppression of infrared radiation - "NAKIDKA" .
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Kman31ca:"That article is a fake...I checked into it and it is a fabricated lie."
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Kontakt-5 ERA M829 APFSDS

"... live-fire testing in the U.S., Russian T-72s fitted with Kontakt-5 were "immune" to 120mm M829 APFSDS ammunition."

Лучший танк в мире Т-90С выдерживает 30 килотонный ядерный взрыв находясь в 700м от эпицентра, уничтожает Абрамсы,Леклерки,Леопарды и вертолеты с дистанции 5км, имеет многослойную броню, динамическую защиту, средства борьбы с ПТУР (Штора, Арена, Арена-Э), совершенное средство маскировки во всех спектрах излучения - Накидка