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This is from the lady with the cancer early in the treatment: "Hello, I am new to this forum, and I have read many posts looking for a situation similar to mine, and found none. Well, one, but it didn't totally match up. I have a diagnosed basal cell spot on tip of nose, opted out of MOHs surgery to go the natural route, after much research on the web. I followed the protocol for application as per the alpha omega labs website (which I ordered from) Friday night (night before last). I applied to nose, and to forehead, where I knew I had another spot, undiagnosed, but I knew what it was as it felt and behaved just like my prior 2 bcc's. my face has now swelled up so badly, I look like Ia boxer at the end of a long fight. My left eye is almost swelled shut. Is this normal? I'm going to try to include a photo. I did take ibuprofen, 400mg last night, on top of the hydrocodone I take every 4-6 hours for the pain. I was getting worried about so much swelling, wondering if I need to succumb to a 'real' doc to make sure it's not an allergic reaction? Sure hope not! Any experience, suggestions? Thanks!"

A few days in: "Ok, it's been a few days to 'see what happens" with my two treated cancer spots... - Unfortunately, I MUST be of those cases that ends up with a MUCH worse case than most people experience. :( Crap.

-The eschar is still attached to my nose, but it's loose enough that tonight, I could pull the top part away enough to see that my worst fear/outcome is going to be my reality. I can see my nose cartilage underneath the eschar, and I can even pull air through the top/front area of my nose if I completely clog my nostrils. To put it bluntly, there is no skin left under the eschar to regenerate NEW SKIN outward from the center of the eschar pit???!!(it's going to be an open PIT, exposing my nasal cartilage and nasal passages to the WORLD!!!) (YAY!). What do I do now?) Yes, I have had the 'Holy ****, what have I done??!! thought...) I'm past it, because what's done is done. I have to move forward now.

Any personal experience/heard of others' experiences with this??????

(I have only heard of one individual, personally.... He did a black salve like I did, and ended up with such deep penetration it exposed the internal nasal passages like me...) that he had to have plastic surgery to fix it. -Which is what I was trying to avoid from the start, of course, but I suppose you never know until you start cutting or salving, eh?)

But seriously, from ALL of the photo documentaries I checked out online, I have not seen one case where this has happened to another individual using a herbal remedy... (The first one I saw and that completely convinced me to do this was Bill Oleary's blog. Just google "Bill oleary cancer" and it will be the first webpage to come up on Google. Scroll down from there and you see his photo journal...)

Understandably, as you can imagine, I am sickened and freaked out by my personal revelation tonight- that the salve went completely through my nose down to my nasal passages.... The only thing that makes my mind feel halfway ok right now is that I have faith that the salve only took out CANCEROUS cells, not normal skin cells, and that a Moh's surgery would have taken more, and would have had much more initial scarring. I did test this salve on two suspicious skin spots prior to application on my known basal cell cancer spot, (one on my inner arm, one on my shin.) but nothing happened more than they got a bit red. Yes, I used a 'deep tissue salve' that has DMSO in it, but would that kill regular skin cells???? I didn't think so..

Ok, so from all of this, I have two questions:

1. Does anybody have evidence to prove my nose might fill back in, from an empty center, or will I need reconstructive surgery to look normal again?


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