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Animated Music Video Parody of "Mortal Kombat X"
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Video Game Musicals #31: MORTAL KOMBAT X THE MUSICAL

Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade put their divorce aside to fight and dance amidst a groovy Outworld Civil War!

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Lyrics, Johnny Cage vocals, instruments & animation by LHUGUENY (Logan Hugueny-Clark: http://www.getlinkyoutube.com/lhugueny)

Special Thanks to Augusta Louise for singing as Cassie Cage, check out her channel: http://www.getlinkyoutube.com/SkallywagNation

"MORTAL KOMBAT X THE MUSICAL": A parody song animation by Logan Hugueny-Clark (aka LHUGUENY)


VERSE 1 (Johnny Cage):
Two years after Kahn, Shinnok invades,
Make a strike team, ain’t enough grenades.
Kenshi opens up a portal to the Jensei room,
I tip the driver in advance so we get there soon.
Find our friends, all messed up in the head,
By Quan Chi’s evil spell, it makes ‘em glow red.
Trap Shinnok in the amulet and break the spell,
And then cleanin' up the bodies cause they startin’ to smell.

CHORUS 1 (Cassie Cage):
Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade,
Leading a Sky Temple raid,
To Nether realm, Quan Chi escaped,
He’ll return to fight someday.
Some bones will bend,
We must defend,
Earth realm until the end.
Raiden said,
To not be dead,
We must take Shinnok’s head.

VERSE 2 (Johnny Cage):
Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool,
Now I gotta daughter and she’s finished school.
I paid Sonya child support but she still wants more,
But the judge can’t seem to see that she’s a stupid, greedy whore.
But we put it aside to fight an Outworld civil war,
Between Mileena and Kahn, ‘aint never seen this sh*t before.
Shinnok escapes, and then he tortures me,
Thank god I didn’t use a condom, cause my daughter heard my plea.

BRIDGE (Cassie Cage):
My father,
But I spill blood like it’s water,
But my father’s too stroooooooooooong,

CHORUS 2 (Cassie Cage):
Sub-Zero yearns, to kill Quan-Chi,
Wasted his whole family,
Shinnok’s possessed, a demon pest,
He just won’t die like the rest.
Some bones will bend,
We must defend,
Earthrealm until the end.
Raiden said,
To not be dead,
We must take Shinnok’s head.

(c) 2011, 2015 LHC