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DAy 1 of 3
Mastak Breeding program- Alpha777 - Schedule for deployment Wed 5/18/2011
The pairs acquired:
6 females: 4 females from Plakathot, 2 viet and 2 indo and 2 onknown family- viets.
6males: y9- Malaysian champ, 103- viet., n16, H8, Ghost fighter and a X-9 fighter.

Female and male Pairs:
Primary piars:103male with 103 female. N16 paired with 102 female, Y9 will be paired with 102. H8 will be paired with 103. Ghostfighter will be paired with VietGB female#1,
X-9 will be paird with other VietGB female#2

Objectives: With these 6 pairs I hope to create a super linage. But more importantly test my theory on:
Good genetics + potassium + calcium and other undisclosed minerals = sharp durable teeth and scales.

Plants + water quality + sun + lean protein = good health
Deeper tanks + minerals = stamina/ muscle development

Light + oxygen = aggression level.
~learn all stage of development and peaks
~Experiments with different food.

There will be 4 phases: The fist phase will be this initial breeding phase 1. The second phase will be at 3 month, moved into a deeper tank. Phase 3 will involve testing, which the fighter may be taken out at anytime to be closely observed. The final phase is Phase 4 is Removal from tank and ready for harvest which can be any indefinably around 8-10months

The fist phase will be this initial breeding phase 1
Breeding Tanks:
I will be incorporating Thai techniques with my style for this breeding program. I am not using heaters in the aquarium submergible heaters in the breeding tanks. It will be all natural and heated by the room temperature which I plan to ideal raise the heat in my room to 85 deg to help with their immune system and natural tropical climate. The heat so far in my room is raised to 83 degrees for on portable space heater also notes that it will be 5 degrees cooler in temperature in the water of the tanks.
The tanks that I am using are round 1 ft b 1ft by 1ft deep blue pales. These pales are filled with a combination of water from my fish tank for natural existing good bacteria and infusra with new condition water. These pales will sit out and age for a 3 days so that the infusra will grow and the Indian Almond leaf to leak out its natural property and create ideal breeding condition and fist stage food for the new born fry.. The water level to a low 3and ½ inches to help stimulate breeding. I placed leafy water plants to create a natural environment and support for the bubble nest. I have also sprinkle spiralina powder for extra amino acid minerals for the fry and to help stronghold the bubble nest making it sticker. I have also placed a Indian Almond leaf to soften the water. in addition to low water level, extra amino acid and the soft water will help stimulate breeding immensly.