LEGO Compatible Ausini Magnum Revolver Review

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LEGO Compatible Ausini Magnum Revolver Review

Today we are looking at another of those very cool Ausini gun series sets. This is the Magnum Revolver set # P22511. It has 300 pieces, and in addition to it making this revolver, it also makes a stand for the revolver and some bullets that do not fit in the revolver. This is a completely LEGO compatible set, but it is nowhere near LEGO quality.

As with all of these Ausini gun series sets, the finished product looks amazing, but it is far too delicate to do anything with it. I recommend that you also buy a tube of glue and keep it handy when you are building this WILL need it!

With all that said, this is still a very cool set, and well worth buying.

This set make s realistic looking toy gun, don't bring this toy to school, or carry it out in public.

LEGO clones or Knockoffs
This quote from Wikipedia addresses the rights for other companies to produce LEGO-like bricks, but does not address whether LEGO actually had the right to patent them in the fist place:
At least two of the largest clone manufacturers have been challenged in court by Lego. The lawsuits have been mostly unsuccessful, as courts have generally found the functional design of the basic brick to be a matter of patent rather than trademark law, and all relevant Lego patents have expired.

The original plastic brick:

The (non-wooden) predecessor to the plastic brick:

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