Applerick vs Walter Sparkle. Epic Rap Battles of My Little Pony

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Reuploaded because I forgot to put Twilight at [1:32] :x

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EQD :-o

Since I love bacon, it seemed obvious that I had to make this video :D


In all seriousness (not too much though :3) here is my first full lenght PMV (my first PMV being the MINI PMV).

I absolutly love ERB, so I decided to make a PMV of what is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) battles. But I also decided to make something a little different from all the other PMVs of ERB that I see ;) And by that, I mean the exact same battle... but with ponies. Everything else is the same : the timing, the animation, ... Everything ! ... Ok, maybe not absolutley "everything", but "everything" enough to be considered "everything" :)

Anyways, time for the vectors used :
WARNING ! I modified some the vectors for the video, so what you'll see in the links below won't be exactly the same.

-Desert by SpaceKingofSpace
-Laboratory by Hegyi Laszlo from the Double Rainboom team
-Bubbles by TheViArtists
-Cloud, tree and apple by GuruGrendo
-Cart by Flash-draw
-Twilicane by Comeha
-Magical aura by AimeeLovesU
and finally, the ponies were green screened in part by LittleshyFiM/Green Screen Ponies
and in part by me (which was, even if mine are pretty bad, most of the work for this video *-*)

Also, special thanks to MasterRambo (phazondude117) whose tutorial about green screening ponies helped a lot in the making of this video :)

Oh and by the way, if anyone wants to know (which is probably not the case, but whatevah) I've made that video in 2 or 3 weeks.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Epic Rap Battles of History belongs to Maker Studio


Twilicane won.