Freaking turtle !|Jurassic World the game Aquatic park |Episode Four

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Soo turtles need love to and we need to decide what to name it, also we need to decide if the dunkleosteus is "Dunky" or "Duke".
I also start planning ahead ( magical kaprosuchus I shall have ye)

Please remember this was filmed before episode three but put up first due to sibling love.

So the update is finally out!
Bringing with it new aquatic creatures such as the dunkleosteus which we are lucky enough to get in this video!
Also included within the update there are a few dinosaurs including the mighty Kaprosuchus.
Before they were taken away we also had some new hybrids and the occasional glimpse and some dino's to come including... yutyrannus!

What's been your favourite part of the update? what aquatic creatures did you get?

P.S in the first two episodes I contradict myself saying we will... then won't be doing this as a separate series but I can confirm that we WILL be doing it separately!