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Jimmy Lin is the 2nd child in the family. He debuted at 17 in 1992 and became an overnight sensation. He still holds the record of the youngest artist to perform in Hong Kong HungHum Coliseum at 18. He was always mistaken as a girl when he was a kid and got so sick of it that he shaved his head. He loved cars when he was in highschool and worked a summer job in order to buy his 1st motorbike. He rode his bike to school against school rules and was almost kicked out of school. His father was the PTA president and begged for mercy from the principal. In his 1st yr of highschool agency scouts wanted to sign him but he wasnt interested. By his 2nd yr he finally signed with an agency. Crazy fans camped outside his house for a week.

In 1994 he turned 20 and enrolled in the army to serve 2 yrs of military service instead of trying to stall. He was burnt out from his overwhelming schedule that he needed a break. More than a thousand fans came to see him off at the railway station. He continued to entertain other soldiers in the army and was booed by his fellow soldiers. Instead he went offstage to greet them and was finally accepted.

In 1996 after he was discharged from the army at 22 he tried too hard to grow up and released several unsuccessful albums. His showbiz career hit a low. He then turned to racing to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a racer. He again tried too hard to prove to critics that he was not just fooling around. He won 3rd place in his 1st race. In a race in 1997 he tried to block another racer and crashed his own car against a wall at 160kph. He broke his right foot and hopped out on his left foot. Moments after he got out the car went up in flame. The 1st thing he asked was about his car. His father didnt approve of jimmys racing and found out about the accident a day later when a reporter called him. His father was so mad that he refused to go to the hospital to see jimmy. Jimmy rested for 6 months and returned to racing. He realized he was too rash and his enemy was himself and not other racers. In 1998 he starred in The Legendary Siblings as Xiao YueEr. Fans liked the happy-go-lucky Xiao YueEr that launched Jimmys TV series career. He then starred as the romantic Duan Yu in Tian Long Ba Bu that earned him accolades. In 2007 he made his 1st modern series in Taiwan as a racer in My Lucky Star. He was happy that he could combine his acting and racing careers.

His accomplishments are not limited to that. He inherited his fathers business sense and invested in many successful businesses. He opened a chain of 7 photo studios at 18. He invested in IT businesses, an online shop, a restaurant and more. His nickname is CEO Lin. He also owns the agency that takes care of his showbiz career. Recently he was in a musical in China, a new attempt for him.

Jimmys career has been very successful but his love life hasnt. He and Ruby Lin started to date when they filmed School Days together in 1995. His fans were so aggressive that Ruby couldnt stand them. They were both busy with their careers and went their separate ways. Jimmys father saw Ruby once in the living room. He said its a pity that the relationship didnt last. Jimmy used to take lots of photos of her. They are good friends now. In 2008 there were rumors that jimmy and the Taiwan model Kelly Chen got engaged but they both denied it. He said he likes girls that he can get along with. He is very low-key when talking about his love life. He promised when he finds that special someone hell share the good news. He said he is concentrating on his showbiz and racing careers now and marriage will have to wait.