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From the Publishers of the Professional Action Library: | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING: The Video | with Ralph Thorn

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The motto of Ralph Thorn's school of combat knife throwing is "Any Knife, Any Angle, Any Position, No Games, No Gimmicks, No Limits." In this groundbreaking video production from Paladin Press, he proves it, teaching you a truly combative style of weapons throwing that isn't based on figuring out exact distances and numbers of spins and half-spins.

In fact, Thorn has mastered a no-spin throwing style that cuts through the myth and hokum to show that there's no mystery or complexity to knife throwing: all you need are a few knives, a target, and some practice. Relying on gross motor skills, Thorn shows you how to throw not only knives and swords, but also improvised weapons: if it has a point, you can get it to stick consistently and accurately. Using state-of-the-art computer graphics and super-slow-motion videography, you will learn the mechanics of the no-spin throw, the powerful sidearm throw for close-range fighting, the underhand half-spin throw, the shuriken throw for long-distance attacks and much more.

Thorn also shows various trick throws, including blindfolded throwing, behind-the-back knife tosses and throwing accurately while going at a dead run.

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