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We,China supplier,provides durable and heavy duty automatic chain welding machine and chain bending machine for producing high strength chains, all these chains can use as conveyor chains, hoisting chains, shipping chains, playground chains, tyre chain etc, our welding machine is similar as Germany WAFIOS chain welding machine who is the leader of making this machine in the world,but much cheaper than theirs.

This chain welding machine is adopted by butt-resistance technology, welding and chamfering the round steel chains in one pass! Further, the machine's welding current control is designed with closed circuit primary depending on pressing force.

Machine Technical datas:

1.automatic chain welding machine datas:
1、工作范围(链环线材直径):¢6mm~¢11mm Wire diameter: ¢6mm~¢11mm
2、链条节距(链环内长):18.5-65mm Link pitch:18.5~65 links/min
3、生产效率:20~45环/min Production efficiency:25~50 links/min
4、链条抗拉强度:≥80KN/㎜2 Tensile strength of chiain link: ≥80KN/㎜2
5、控制电压:直流:24V Control voltage:DC24V
6、工作电压:交流380V,250Hz Working voltage: AC 380V,250Hz
7、额定电流:250A Rated current:250A
8、额定功率:150KVA Rated power:150KVA
9、初级电压:380V,50Hz Primary voltage:380V,50Hz
10、次级电压:6.8V-7.5V-8.6V交流 Primary voltage: 6.8V-7.5V-8.6V (AC)
11、输入功率:170KVA Input power:170KVA
12、电动机功率:3Kw变频电机 Motor power:3.0KW
13、气源工作压力最小:0.65Mpa Minimum air pressure:0.65MPa
14、机床工作压力:0.6Mpa Working pressure:0.6Mpa
15、空气消耗量:每一工作循环大约9L Air consume:9L
16、冷却水消耗量:20L/min Cooling Water consume:20L/min
17、冷却水温度:15-25℃ Water temperature: 15-25℃
18、机床尺寸:1950×1900×1500/mm Size: 1950×1900×1500/mm
19、机床重量约:3.4t Weight:3.4t

2. automatic chain bending machine dates:
1、工作范围:钢丝直径¢6mm~¢11mm Wire diameter: ¢6mm~¢11mm
2、最大链环长度:线材直径的2.7~4倍 Maximum link length: 2.7~4D of the steel wire
3、链环节距:18.5-65mm Link pitch: 18.5~65mm
4、生产效率:30~65环/ min Efficiency:30~65 links/min
5、压缩空气消耗量:0.25 L/环 Compressed air consumption: 0.25L/link
6、主电机功率:10Kw Motor Power:10Kw
7、主机外形尺寸:3050×1850×1270/mm Size:3050*1850*1270mm
8、设备总重量约:7.2/t Total weight:7.2T

other welding wire Dimater: 2-6mm,6-11mm, 11-13mm, 13-18mm,18-22mm,22-26mm....

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