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NOTE: I've chosen to only share bits and pieces of this because I do not support sharing full releases from Ytse Jam Records, since there is still a potential for Dream Theater to make money there, and much of the "When Dream And Day Reunite" DVD is already on YouTube. Please support Dream Theater by buying this DVD:

0:00 Charlie Dominici discusses baby Petrucci
0:33 The band discusses Status Seeker
2:15 Ytse Jam crazy performance
4:18 Petrucci discusses The Killing Hand
7:38 The Killing Hand with Dominici on acoustic guitar
8:03 Kevin Moore discusses Light Fuse and Get Away
8:56 Kevin Moore discusses Only A Matter Of Time (John Myung lets out a girlish high-pitched laugh)
10:50 The band discusses U2’s influence on To Live Forever
13:02 Metropolis Part 1 early performance
16:18 Kevin Moore: not the tortured artist after all?
17:43 The Seoul of Dream Theater
19:52 Petrucci and Portnoy discuss Dominici’s departure
21:51 Dominici’s prophecy

These are from a 70 minute documentary on the early years of the band Mike Portnoy put together for the When Dream And Day Reunite DVD. Buy it from the Ytse Jam Records site if you want the whole thing! DT fans are already spoiled with free content on YouTube. There’s some other interesting stuff on here too, such as commentary on the When Dream And Day Reunite performance, and rehearsal footage.