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Probably my favorite track from the game next to Heartache. I knew I had to cover goatdad for that reason, and cuz so many of you requested it. I think I've got AT LEAST one more Undertale cover in me before I start back into my normal schedule of covering whatever I feel like, depends on how well this goes over.

Apologies for those of you who have been following me for a while but don't know what this game is (or don't like it). I swear I'm not strictly an Undertale channel, I just really like the game and it's fanbase has been really good to me so far. As of writing this, the combined total of my previous two Undertale videos is around 130k, which is fucking ridiculous. You guys are completely nuts.

Shoutout to YA BOY ToxicXEternity for helping me with the mix on this thing. He's got a really fucking good cover of Another Medium from Undertale as well, check it out here:

also check out the game here if you're not familiar with it:

P.S. toby still sucks kinda - edit: nvm toby is a nice lady

Composition by: Toby Fox
Arrangement by: me

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