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It pays to be smart. The old and sick lion manages to outwit all the animals, but he is no match for the fox's intelligence and wisdom. Clever detective work from the fox helps to save his life from the jaws of death. Find out more on 'INTELLIGENT FOX.'



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There was a lion in the forest that had grown old with age.
It could no longer go out of its cave and hunt. It just sat in its cave and looked for a prey that came its way, slowly it started to eat the animals that came to visit it.
Once the fox went to see the lion and instead of getting into the cave it stood outside and asked the lion- " How are you doing sir?"
The lion replied" I'm doing well. Thank you. Please come in and sit."
"I would prefer staying out and talking to you sir. I see that there are foot prints of many animals that go inside the cave. But none of them come out" said the fox and walked away.

Moral: Don't hatch cunning plans. You can't fool everyone.

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KIDSONE Animations
Adapted Traditional & Written By: KIDSONE 
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