Destiny How to GET EXOTIC BOUNTIES Destiny Guide

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Destiny How to GET EXOTIC BOUNTIES Destiny Guide

Many of you are wondering in Destiny how to get exotic weapon bounties or just one Bounty. Well to get the exotic weapon bounty it will take some time to complete it as it involves several steps. One of the steps will involve in getting the bounty in which you have slots that you can get, which turns into 5 exotic weapons to be able to unlock. The second step which i will describe in another post is how you unlock the exotic weapon that you just got.

To be able to get Destiny Exotic Weapon bounties you will need to perform 30 bounties and turn them in the the Bounty Hunter who then gives you the reward of the Exotic Weapon. Turn in enough bounties and you will be able to fill all 5 exotic bounty spots.

Another way to get Exotic Bounties are: You can buy Exotics with Strange Coins, and you might even be lucky enough to stumble across an Exotic bounty, with a lengthy list of challenging tasks that you must complete to earn a guaranteed Exotic at the end.

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