Reason 2 Die Roblox glitch. :C

Channel: Robo Person


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Google: r2d.wikia \nTwitter: XelPixels\n\nUpdate 51:\n-Added SnowGoggles for ROBLOX Scavenger Hunt\n-Added Quest for Edgars Head (Badge: Smoker Hunter)\n-Added Earbuds!!\n-Added new gamemode to Oilrig: MMA\n-Added Special tag to Oilrig-FFA, KingCake-BOSS,Oilrig-MMA and NewBloxcoast-SRV\n-Added new command for all devs+ (say "warn messagehere")\n-Added new WinterGames menu background\n-Added new menu background music (very good!)\n-Added mobile icon to lobby (on mobile players ofc)\n-Added Twitter REDEEM-CODE option\n-Added countdown timer to Spectate mode\n-Improved Sniper damage (150HP/shot)\n-Set Custom Chat GUI as perm\n-Edited Recovery button (found in Settings now)\n-Edited zombie selection (100% Fair, you can get choosen twice in a row TOPS on full servers)\n-Edited Vote system (Special maps have 2 round cooldown time)\n-Edited Vote system (Can't revote a map if it's already been downvoted)\n-Fixed windows on DeadPlaza\n-Fixed ENRGY on Mobile devices\n-Fixed Guest image in lobby\n\n Visit this place at\n\nFor more games visit