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Chandra informs Sindoora that Aniket tried to escape from the farmhouse but has been caught. Aniket vows to bring back Sagar and Vidya the day he manages to get away from captivity. Suddenly, he finds the door open and goes out, little realising that Chandra is waiting to set the dogs loose on him. After terrifying him for a while, Sindoora's men take the dogs away. Sindoora warns Aniket that she won't hesitate to kill him the next time and to think before trying to escape again! A reporter nearby clicks photographs of what he has just witnessed. Meanwhile, Bindiya tells Amar's mother that she has been warning Amar to stay away from Divya because Divya is only a guest. Later, Amar's father tells his wife that they must ask Divya to stay in a hotel because Amar is getting close to her. Amar overhears. Amar's mother informs Divya that she must move into a hotel because she must be missing the luxuries that she is used to. Divya then gives Amar and his family gifts. She gets emotional and says that she has received plenty of love in their house and assures Amar's family that she has no problems staying. Amar's mother embraces Divya. Bindiya sees this and is upset. Divya informs them that she must return to Delhi. Amar asks her not to leave until the 'Maha Pooja' festivities, a day where Lord Shiva grants everyone's wishes. Just then Amar gets a call from Chandra's man who claims to have got a courier for him but Amar refuses to reveal his address. The next day, Chandra shows Sindoora a newspaper article condemning Sindoora's atrocities on a madman. The reporter is summoned by Sindoora but he remains defiant. Sindoora orders her men to cut off the very hand with which he writes! She asserts that nobody can come in her way!