Feiyu Tech FY-WG wearable or handheld/pole mount Gimbal for Gopro 3/4 or SJ4000

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UPDATE there is a new camera bracket to fit the Xiaomi Yi - which can also be used with hero5 crudely see

I've enjoyed using the cheap 2-axis 'bare' gimbals for a couple of years first on quadcopters, and recently bought a second one to make a handheld gimbal, which works fine on Gopro, SJ4000 or Xiaomi Yi, but is ugly and by the time I bought the gimbal, handle, battery and made it up probably cost me £60/$100.

I've seen a lot of handheld gimbals, initially 2-axis but now they mostly seem to be 3-axis, which are around the £200 price range, which is too much for the limited use I would give it. I was also niggled that they take 3 batteries, but come with a 2 battery charger - how does that work?

When I saw this new wearable gimbal, with tripod and gopro mountings, and that it came in a much cheaper 2-axis version (I paid £98 delivered for this), and runs on 2 batteries, I figured it was worth a look, so wanted to do a quick video showing how it works and what it can do.

The foam handle I use was from ebay (search foam camera grip), monopod is a std item, again you can get these super-cheap on ebay or any camera shop, these make a really flexible handheld/gopro mounting gimbal.

I buy things I like the look of with my own money to review, so these are not official reviews or endorsements, I tend to buy a fair bit of stuff from Banggood - so those are links below, but you can get these from ebay or many other sellers, so always shop around for best deal for you.

I bought this 2-axis gimbal from Banggood for £98 delivered, it was delivered after 8 days:

The single axis version is even cheaper:

My cheap 2-axis gimbal came from banggood see my other video for review/details on how I made this handheld: