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Unwrapping and opening 141 Shopkins from season 1! WOAH!

All the Shopkins are here:
Bread Head (bread)
Frank Furter (hot dog in a bun)
Creamy Bun-Bun (vanilla eclair)
Peppe Pepper (pepper)
Snow Crush (snowcone)
Coolio (green jug)
Sugar Lump (sugar)
Breaky Crunch (cereal)
Shampy (shampoo)
Fishtix (fish sticks)
Flava Ava (milk)
Mini Muffin (mini muffin)
Pineapple Crush (pineapple)
Alpha Soup (soup)
Ghurty (yogurt)
Posh Pear (pear)
Rainbow Bite (taco)
Tommy Ketchup (ketchup)
Coolio (jug of a drink)
Sugar Lump (sugar)
Cheese Kate (cheesecake)
Pumpkinella (pumpkin)
Nutty Butter (peanut butter)
Candi Cotton (cotton candy)
Googy (egg)
Apple Blossom (apple)
Lolli Poppins (lollipop)
Frank Furter (hot dog in bun)
Dollops (whipped cream)
Mandy Candy (candy)
Kooky Cookie (cookie)
Pa' Pizza (frozen pizza)
Little Sipper (tropical drink)
Swiss Miss (string cheese)
Wishes (birthday cake)
Nutty Butter (peanut butter)
Jelly B (jelly)
Cheese Kate (cheesecake)
Mini Muffin (mini muffin)
Sally Shakes (salt)
Pa' Pizza (frozen pizza)
Pretz-elle (pretzel)
Mandy Candy (candy)
Swiss Miss (string cheese)
Cool Cube (ice cube)
Suds (soap)
Millie Shakes (milkshake)
Melonie Pips (watermelon)
Silky (conditioner)
Hot Apple Pie (apple pie)
Le'Quorice (licorice? some type of candy)
Wobbles (jell-o)
Flutter Cake (cupcake)
Popsi Cool (popsicle)
Miss Mushy-Moo (mushroom)
Chap-Elli (lip balm or chapstick)
Gran Jam (jam)
Toofs (toothbrush)
Bubbles (bubble gum)
Cheezey B (cheese)
Yo-Chi (frozen yogurt)
Lippy Lips (lipstick)
La-Lotion (lotion)
Candy Kisses (candy hearts)
Coco Nutty (coconut)
Bubble Tubs (bubble bath)
D-lish Donut (donut)
Cheeky Chocolate (chocolate bar)
Spilt Milk (milk)
Strawberry Kiss (strawberry)
Rockin' Broc (broccoli)
Fairy Crumbs (poptart?)
Soda Pops (soda or cola)
Miss Twist (licorice)
Ice Cream Dream (ice cream sundae)
Margarina (margarine)
Polly Polish (nail polish)
Crispy Chip (potato chips)
Curly (hair brush)
Freezy Peazy (frozen peas)

Some of the Shopkins may look like duplicates, but they're not. They're the same Shopkin but in a different color.

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