Lance Corporal Levi【Cosplay Makeup process】進撃の巨人

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first oF ALL before you say anything I KNOW that there is probably a better levi makeup tutorial out there lmao. There are probably TONS
this one could help out with people who have very deepset eyes and a childish face like me.
anyway LOTs of people ask for makeup tutorials from me
but i suck at tutorials so this is the BEST I CAN Do yehaw
this is the first tim e in like years that i ever did a makeup process so enjoy

Steps in The process
1. Clean and moisturize your face
2. Use a glue sick + powder concealer to get rid of your eyebrows, then a liquid concealer to match skin tone
3. Use liquid concealer to get rid of marks and dark circles
4. Do your normal foundation routine with a lighter liquid foundation, blend evenly and seal with light, matte powder foundation
5. Begin to contour your face, sides of your nose to make it smaller and thinner , cheekbones and around your face to think puffy cheeks, contour jaw to make it seem more chiseled, an outline the frame of your eye socket to make them appear lower and more stern. I use a brown liquid foundation and mix it with my regular foundation, to get a good shade.
6. For the eyes I first cover my entire lid with a silver matte powder, blending out with my finger. Then I apply a matte dark plum colour to half of my lid and under 3/4s under my eye, blending them together evenly. After that I put black on the crease of my eye and around the plum colour, blending them together. Then I use a white eyeliner pencil and frame around the inner corner of my eye and on my tearline. And brush a crimson red eye shadow around the entire makeup. And lastly I apply a liquid eyeliner with a thick straight wing, not a curved one.
7. For the lips I cover with concealer on the outside and use my brown foundation to get rid of any curve in my lips making them appear straight along with blending a little bit of the foundation under my bottom lip.
8. For the brows I use a black eye shadow to map out where i want them, then i take waterproof brown liquid eyeliner and draw them in carefully, along with black waterproof liquid eyeliner to define the line.

Song used was the awesome hip pop cover of The Reluctant Heros
please support Killing Spree, his anime remixes are really awesome!