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DID YOU MAKE THIS/DRAW EVERYTHING? i bought the journal itself on ebay but yes i drew all the images on the inside. It took me 2 weeks
IS IT FOR SALE?: no sorry, but you can order a Disney official gravity fall journal 3 replica on amazon right now:

WHAT IS ON YOUR HAND? the author of the journals, my brother
(ok no really if you go on like 0:55 and pause it you can almost clearly see the little stars and squiggles i drew in red ink like 2 days before then)
YOU'RE MISSING PAGES? i posted this in december 2014 and the new episodes had not come out yet so i had no idea what the new pages would be, but heres a video of me doing the other pages from season 2:

HOW DID YOU MAKE IT?: i just bought this blank journal on ebay (its about 5 1/2 inches in height so its pretty small):

If you buy this journal the pages already come brown, but I still painted coffee over it to make an old effect. I've never used it but I think tea would work just as good if coffee isn't an option. I glued every 2 pages together because the paper is so thin and the ink would go through to the next page. Then I just drew everything in,and glued the yellow hand on the cover made from hard paper (if you live next to an art store they usually have TONS of different colored pieces of paper for less than a dollar in the scrap book section). For the rips I just stabbed little slits with scissors and ripped off pieces, then colored over it with grey.
WHERE DID YOU FIND ALL THE REFERENCES?: i made a post of most of the refs i used:

some I screenshotted myself and some I found on wiki/google.
IS THERE INVISIBLE INK? no that is something i find difficult to work with
THE VIDEO IS BLURRY? If you want to see it clearer check out pictures on my tumblr:

DID YOU KNOW YOU MISSPELLED SOME WORDS?: yeah but it's too late to fix them
WHAT SONG DID YOU USE? its a fan made extended theme song found here:

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