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Hey everyone. I will be producing an IMPROVED and updated version of this piece soon, so please email me if you have anything not here. I've since located a handful of different spots, including the "tv airing" versions of some of the DVD versions, and some others I've recreated. Looks like the copyright claim got dropped 'cause the music is back and it's included in the Youtube search. lol.

1. Intro (:05) recreated...the rest is from a 16mm copy I purchased from ebay
2. Video portion recreated until the title at end.
3-7 From the official DVD release
4. ("This was how it all began")...all video recreated.
5. ("Every great story...")...all video recreated.
6. ("It's thrilling...") ...all video recreated.
7. ("SW, it has excitement and danger..")...all video recreated.
8. Luke Skywalker profile - completely authentic from Youtube.
9. Ben Kenobi profile - completely authentic from Youtube
10. C-3PO profile - ...all video recreated.
11. Princess Leia profile - completely authentic from Youtube
12. 1981 rerelease - completely authentic from Youtube
13/14 - 1982 rerelease spots - all video recreated (SW title edited from 82 trailer)

1-4 From the official DVD release (PG ratings at end were recreated or edited in, using alternate audio)
5 (Yoda) - completely authentic from fan
6 (The Heroes are back") - completely authentic from Youtube
7 '81 rerelease 1 - completely authentic from Youtube
8 '81 release 2 - all video recreated
9 VHS 1984 premiere - completely authentic from Youtube

1-3 From the official DVD release (I added a PG rating to spot 3)
4. ("It began with the story...") completely authentic from Youtube.
5 ("Return for the climactic clash..") completely authentic from fan
6 ("The Saga Lives On...") intro audio recreated/all video recreated (except for where there was no clip from film..happens sometimes with trailers and spots)
7. '85 rerelease spot - all video recreated, except final title/pg screen
Well, Lucas didn't release any more TV spots with the blu-ray release, so I went ahead with this project.

This is an update to a previous upload. It's a collection of all known (to my knowledge) original trilogy STAR WARS TV TRAILERS. Some are from the official DVD release (with minor MPAA additions). Some are recreations featuring actual audio I recorded off the tv over 30 years ago. Footage was either a best guess, or from memory. Other spots I borrowed from uploaders right here on Youtube including seanmc31076, robatsea2009 and retroontario. You all have my thanks! I thought it would be nice to have them all together in one file as close to their original versions as possible. If you find any others, please get hold of me through Youtube or No copyrights intended. Enjoy!