Marble Race 46 (Regular Racing)

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Welcome to another Marble Race video on EvaristeWK! I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
Wanna see a marble go for a swim?

In this video you'll see the ever popular Tiger Shark, Milky Way and the ever controversial Slime along with others compete to become champion of the weekly race. The race gets very intense so you'll want to make sure you watch it until the very end.

Ever since I was very young I enjoyed building and playing with Marble Run sets. I always found watching the marbles going down and doing their stunts to be very entertaining and calming. I especially like watching the marbles make the paddle wheels spin and competing against each other to be the first one down the middle of funnels. I also enjoy watching close-ups and slow motion replays of the marbles as they are doing their stunts so I try to add these elements to my videos as well. I even heard that watching these types of videos has a calming effect for a lot of people!

I also enjoy video editing. My early movies were edited with iMovie but now I am using Final Cut Pro for most of all of my video editing, but I still go back to iMovie sometimes. I use ScreenFlow for capturing the Algodoo Marble Races that I make. After a Marble Race or Tournament is done, I can spend between one to four hours editing the videos. The Marble Race videos are the quickest to create and the Marble Race Tournaments take the longest because of their length. They tend to be over 30 minutes long!

I hope you enjoy my videos and will subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!

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