Home Made 22 cal pen-gun

Channel: Ali Asghar Akmad


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Home Made .22 cal pengun simple and easy to make. tune in on the next video for the tutorial.

Ok how does it work? i believed some of you wondering on how it works.

1. twist/turn the long part of the tube to the left to loosen.
2. insert the bullet into the short tube which is the barrel
3. put back the long tube which serves as the firing pin and the trigger.

Now its loaded. time to fire.

1. using the long tube, pull it until it'll stop and twist/turn it to the right.
2. then push down the long tube back to its original position. now it is ready to fire.
3. twist the long tube to the left to release the hammer.
4. then BOOOOM. hehe

twisting it to the left after it was cocked(pulling the long tube then twisting it to the right) serves as the trigger. it means it was release for being locked.

i will show you the concept on how is was done. stay tune :)