177 TBN Creation or Evolution Palace of Dinosaurs

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@511Leader- Now the decision is yours to live or die. Since not G-d: Allah that is the most good. not the enlightened who are the most bad guys. Of course, none of them would leave in life all people of the world, why the International Monetary Fund, now exhausted, can not be brought down at outside the 3 rd WWnuclear
[port] the first part of the dream (vision), concerned me, and in fact, I watched a big door with 4 doors, that represented me, but unfortunately, this port could not be used because all its hinges were deformed, but Jesus was on the other side of the door (in atrium inside), so I could not see him with his eyes but with my spirit, I could see him equally, of course. Jesus began to make a list of my sins, was a huge list: endless sins were that I could not even imagine having. Disbelief for a lot of my sinfulness, because my life has been dedicated to the Lord God, since childhood. I look in my heart with my spirit, and I see that all the sins that Jesus had just listed, it was all inside of me. Immediately, I put myself on my knees and I cry, I say, "Jesus you can not go! you can not leave me in this condition. " So immediately, all the hinges of the door, are perfectly restored. From that door, what I am ? must pass all mankind, which has not been able to reach his level of holiness! is the only reason that I am the ReiUnius and no one else can replace me. Therefore, does not matter to me, if I will not be believed. not is by men the my authority, it is not a human authority, but it is perfectly rational: that is the natural law; is the decalogue of Moses, that is metaphysics, here because I can claim the obedience of all the atheists also too. In this second part of the dream (vision), I not felt the presence of Jesus, as it was in the first part of the dream, which occurred 10 years before, simply because I was of his back to the 'inner atrium "of the Temple of Heaven, and i watching this huge square, from an elevated position it was a terrace with a few stairs, therefore, would have been easy for all those people: to come on by me, or to be able to walk or climb on the stairs, but they do not moved. Now, I do not remember exactly which side, but an invisible angel said to me: "they are your intercessors. " These two visions: are a distance of 10 years, has been swift, both lasted no longer than 2 minutes, but they have given me the opportunity to understand many things about the Kingdom of God, it has the shape of the Jewish temple! for all those people? you could feel their goodness! were men and women of throughout the history of mankind, had the gray suits and were placed in the immense hall outside of the Jewish temple in heaven. they were eager to enter the hall inside: where they could receive eternal life and the glorification of their bodies, with the beatific vision of God's glory, this assembled was, without suffering, as the cells of a large body, were infinitely grateful to God, for not to have fallen into the abyss of hell. This place is the Hades or Sheol or purgatory that is the only thing that I have seen of the kingdom of God, but, all the other things I can deduct on account of the revelation of the Word of God and for speculative or metaphysical property of my mind. "outside of Christ there is not salvation, because he alone is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. " But not everyone can believe this, because not everyone is so brave in order to address the martyrdom in a muslim country, etc. .. also, there are few Christians who can have a personal relationship with God but because I are the metaphysics of natural law and universal? I am the only door that will open the day of Judgement: For all those who have suffered, in doing good and avoiding evil. So to all the men, and also to all the atheists honest to who: to which will be given a hope of salvation, in that day. This to me is not a merit, or superiority over others: in fact, mine is only a ministry, therefore, you should not, believe in me, but only in God, or whether one is an atheist, should believe in the most noble values, which are always the representation of God himself. Therefore, my ministry embraces the whole history of mankind. I had two short dreams after 10 years, but only after 10 years, further, I realized that are were two dreams related. I saw an infinite square where billions of people, with one voice, begging to God of help me. That is why I am the brother of all, I am the universal brotherhood. the holiness of God is infinite and can not be covered by the contract or reduction! for anyone who believes that his religion can save him from hell? He is totally crazy! burn satan scit u sang da ngan, drink your poison made by yourself: in Jesus's name amen alleluia