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Here are the secret rooms and hidden containers that I've found in the void showing many of the rare mods you can get and 2 reinforced orokin storage containers.

Worth having a look around before DE move the void with the starchart 3.0 update.

Room times are listed below so that you can skip a room if you already know about it

Times of rooms and the rare or uncommon items found:

0:00 - Flow
0:14 - Streamline
0:28 - Bane of corpus
0:39 - (none)
0:52 - Ravage
1:06 - (none)
1:23 - Rush
1:43 - (none)
1:57 - Split chamber
2:20 - (none)
2:36 - Rage
2:53 - (none)
3:07 - (none)
3:22 - No return
3:44 - Sanctuary
4:03 - Continuity
4:22 - (none)
4:35 - Reinforced orokin storage container containing 37k credits, 1 forma, paris prime blueprint, 1 hour affinity booster
5:22 - (none)
5:35 - Vital sense
5:52 - Fury
6:05 - (none)
6:22 - Target cracker
6:33 - Argon crystal
6:51 - Eagle eye
7:15 - (none)
7:32 - Sundering strike
8:19 - (none)
8:57 - Shell compression
9:27 - (none)
9:36 - Argon crystal and a reinforced orokin storage container containing 1 forma, 65k credits, 1 hour credit booster
10:17 - (none)
10:40 - (none - Same room as previous room but showing you how to get up without loki switch teleport)

TIP: If the pressure plates don't unlock the secret areas you can still access the loot in some of them by using a long range melee weapon, a gun with punchthrough equipped or a warframe ability along with a carrier sentinel to vacuum the loot through the wall

Tip section:

11:52 - Charged shell
12:10 - Hell's chamber
12:30 - Sanctuary
12:38 - Hornet strike
12:44 - Serration


I know there's at least 1 room missing from this video - A large circular room with stairs and waterfalls around the edges. I haven't seen it in a long time so it might not even spawn any more.


If you want to look for the secret rooms but are worried about wasting keys here's a little trick: As long as you don't complete the mission objective, you can abort the mission and keep your key.

So for example: Start an exterminate mission, check the map for secret rooms without killing all of the enemies and then if you don't find anything good just abort the mission and you should still have your key. If you do find something good then complete the mission to keep what you found.

It also works with other missions such as mobile defense - just don't activate any consoles to defend while looking around the map.


This video does not contain the secret obstacle courses within the void. You can find them in this video here: