Ram Milaye Jodi - Episode 236

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News channels cover the story of the Bedi and Gandhi family protesting outside the hospital. Satnaam tells Bharati that Daarji is suffering a lot. Bharati is sure that Kalyani Devi will have to relent before the demands of the media. Satnaam is skeptical but Anukalp reassures him. Kalyani Devi arrives and is questioned by the news reporters. Kalyani Devi depicts of supporting the Bedi and Gandhi families. Bharati gets angry and accuses her of being two faced. Kalyani Devi asks her to get proof of her allegations. When Anukalp points out about selling the gas cylinders in black market, Kalyani Devi denies the allegations. Bharati asks Vimmi and the others to speak up but no one speaks against Kalyani Devi. Kalyani Devi tries to turn the tables on Bharati's allegations. She taunts Bharati and asks her to stay quietly as a house wife and not try to meddle in politics. Later, Bharati and Anukalp ask Satnaam and Vimmi the reason they did not speak up. Vimmi and the others tell Bharati that Kalyani Devi is a very smart lady and cannot be opposed. Bharati is shattered that no one supports Mona's struggle against corruption. Satnaam tells Anukalp that they should stop the fight and let Daarji be treated. Anukalp replies that he will not give up the fight. Mona arrives and is sad to see Daarji in such a bad state. She assures Daarji that she will do whatever it takes to fight Kalyani Devi. Daarji is assured. Mona and Parmeet make preparations for the Navratri festival. Mona, Bharati and the Gandhi family prays on the day of Navratri festival. Anukalp finds out that the hymn singers at the function will not be coming as someone cancelled their booking. Bharati gets worried and wonders who must have spoilt their plans. Mona decides that no matter what, they will celebrate the function. Kalyani arrives at the function and it is revealed that she has made all preparations to spoil Mona and Bharati's Navratri function. The Navratri function begins. Meanwhile, Vimmi is worried when Daarji refuses to take medicines. At the function, Satnaam worries that they have not had enough rehearsals for the program. Bijal assures Mona and the others that their show will be great. There is a 'Ram Lila' show enacted by the Gandhi family members. The 'Ram Lila' play turns out to be a full comedy play when Savita from `Pavitra Rishta' enters their play. Meanwhile, Anukalp is upset that the hymn singers have not yet come. Kalyani Devi tells Mona that she will have to pay five lakhs rupees if she wants to save the function and Daarji. Mona warns Kalyani that she will lose her post as the Corporater very soon. Kalyani laughs at Mona and walks off. Himmesh Reshammiya comes and performs at the function. The police arrive and tell Mona that someone from the colony has complained about their function. The colony people deny of having made any complaint. The inspector asks Mona and the others to show their permit letter. Goldie arrives and tells the inspector that he has all the permissions of the police and the Municipality. Lovely and Kartik from the serial `Mrs.Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuein' perform at the function in support of Mona's fight against corruption. Bharati is perturbed when the electricity fails. She is angry that Kalyani can stoop to such low levels. Mona asks everyone not to worry and asks everyone to get lamps to perform the Pooja of the Goddess. The people of Derawala colony perform the Pooja with lamps. Sweety and Mona get the holy offerings for Daarji. Daarji blesses them and says that Kalyani will definitely lose. Anukalp and Karan manage to repair the electricity connection. Shweta Tiwari and Jassi perform at the function. Abha from 'Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli' performs on a song at the function. Mouni Roy performs at the function. Vimmi gets a call asking her to come home as there is a lot of problem. Vimmi leaves Daarji in the care of someone. However, both the persons are called away and they leave Daarji alone. Vimmi arrives home and Mona says that they never called her. Meanwhile, an unidentified man tries to strangle Daarji. Daarji is saved at the nick of time. Mona and the others arrive there. Satnaam is very angry and Mona says that there is only one way. She goes to Kalyani to apologize and asks her to save Daarji. Kalyani Devi laughs and asks her to pay the money. Satnaam gives the money to Kalyani Devi. Kalyani Devi confesses to creating all the hurdles at their program. Satnaam and Mona leave. Esha Deol performs at the function. Kalyani Devi arrives at the function. Mona thanks everyone for supporting her and Daarji. She says that Daarji has sent something for them. Kalyani Devi is shocked when Mona plays a recording of her and Satnaam giving money to Kalyani Devi. The people of Derawala get agitated and shout slogans against Kalyani Devi. The police arrest Kalyani Devi. Hema Malini comes to congratulate Bharati and the others and promotes her movie with Esha Deol, `Tell Me, O Khuda'.