cesare and lucrezia | cosmic love 3x04 [the borgias & borgia]

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"a cloud descended on me, my heart"

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Pairing: Cesare and Lucrezia
Show: The Borgias AND Borgia

WarningL It's Borgiacest! If you're not a fan. Click onto a different video.

SPOILERS OF 3x04. Cesare watching Lucrezia. And he was about to lose it!
[And spoilers of all Borgia season 2]

Parallels of the Cesare and Lucrezia of both shows.

Season 3 of The Borgias is just wow! Cesare and Lucrezia amazingness and sexy time! They've been on such a journey to get to this point..

As fans know there are two shows of the Borgias. Showtime and the French one.
For all Cesare and Lucrezia lovers. I came up with the idea to do the parallels between both shows. It was quite a lot of fun to do.

Can't wait for 3x05. Need to see the 3x05 promo now!


I would have killed him where he stood, I would have cut his heart out of his body
France, Spain, Naples, they can crumble to dust for all I care
Lucrezia please, release my heart from torment.

What must I call myself? Holy daughter
There's always two elements struggling within me beast versus archangel
I was born with a stain

You are Lucrezia Borgia
I am Cesare Borgia!
Is a Pope's daughter allowed to be hungry?

We are family, we are one.
Do you love me brother?
We're Borgias we never forgive

It has long been my suspicion that my brother, has congress with my angelic sister, the issue of such an union could bring forth a demon to devour the world

The world whispers that you and I are lovers...
they already whisper it of us...
shall we prove them right make their lies true

My passion for her is too overwhelming
You miss her that much? Always