Download video: Castle Clash: How to get free moltanica (secret)

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Castle clash giveaway:

So I just found out about this awesome easter egg or what ever you wanna call it's not a hack,glitch or a bug it's just an awesome easter egg that IGG probably made for fun.
All you have to do to get him is to kick every single hero out of lost world team and you will see him where your hero used to be. And no you can not fight with him in lost realm. It sure is fun to move moltanica around the lost realm!

Orksbane vs druid!:

Just wondering which hero all you guys would prefer if you could only bring one of them to battle, based solely on the healing properties of the procs. So this ignores the dmg done by Orksbane, its immunity to stun and the ATK buff from Druid.

So let's first take a look at the different healing rates of these two heroes. I will be comparing lvl 160 7/9. (wont be much different from endgame lvl 180 9/9 anyway)

Orksbane has an attack speed of 1200ms and heals up to 20 targets by 140% ATK for +5359 HP each, every 8.4 seconds.
That means Orksbane heals 638 HP per target per second.
Druid has an attack speed of 1000ms and heals up to 8 targets by 260% ATK for +8398 HP each, every 7 seconds.
That means Druid heals 1200 HP per target per second.

So there is a clear trade-off between Druid being a bigger healer to limited targets and Orksbane healing more allies but at a lower rate.

No let's take a look at other facts to consider:

In favor of Orksbane:
This difference becomes smaller with buffed attack speed, especially in mesa obviously. (+ for Orksbane)
Because Orksbane is a tank that is running faster than the rest of your heroes, he will often draw aggro and thus fill up his energy bar (much) faster. (+++++ for Orksbane)
Orksbane is also a melee unit making it less likely he will wander off by himself (++ for Orksbane)

In favor of Druid:
Because the ATK% of the Druid buff is bigger, his heal amount will also benefit more from buffs like hero base buff, hero expeditions buff, arena buff, inscription buff, and crests buff. (for Druid)