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Hey Loves! So over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten a ton of questions on my IG @jovanni_cd regarding my new hair color. I achieved my Midnight Unicorn look through using Jerome Russell Punky Colors in Midnight Blue and Plum. As you may know by now I love my purples, so this was a new variation I was trying to achieve more of a deeper more vibrant blue with hues of purple throughout. In my last color video I mentioned that I would do it stretched/blown out hair this time around. I find that it is much easier and that I use half as much color when I start on straight hair versus starting on my natural curl pattern. I am also doing this process using conditioner as a way of extending the color and giving my hair a deep conditioning treatment. After filming I realized that some people might have questions on much I mixed of each color for my exact color so I will list how I did it below, but unfortunately there are a lot of factors that go into what your final color results will look. So with that said I will try my best to let you know what I specifically did, but like always if you have specific questions just leave a message down below. Thanks!

DISCLAIMER: *This is not a paid advertisement for the products mentioned, just a personal review based on my experience*
Jerome Russell Punky Color Plum (purchased at Ulta)
Jerome Russell Punky Color Midnight Blue (purchased at Ulta)
Aussie Moist Conditioner (purchased at Target)
Plastic Cap/Bag
2 Mixing bowls
Coloring Brush (purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply)

I am starting on blown out hair because I find that I use half as much product and I get a more precise color, but this can also be achieved heatless through doing twists, braids, or bantu knots the day prior. Basically anything that allows your hair to be as straight as possible. You want to do this on dry hair whatever the state it is in! Depending on if you never used colors before you should do a spot test to check for allergies.

1. Put on a T-shirt that you do not care about it getting ruined and protect your skin using some sort of oil, I am just using olive oil.
2. Mix your colors to desired vibrancy, hue, and tone. In order to get a variation of colors blend out the color with conditioner, clear, or a lighter color. For this application I will be using conditioner to get the variation in the colors. Plum: To get my lighter color for the ends of my hair I started by taking the Jerome Russell Plum and slowly mixed it with Conditioner. For my shoulder length hair I used about 3 ounces of Aussies Moist Conditioner with 1 tbls of Plum dye. I mixed in a little a time until I got the color that I wanted.
3. Midnight Blue: To get my darker color to cover my naturally dark brown roots I mixed 3 ounces of the Aussie Moist Conditioner with 1.5 ounces of the Jerome Russell Midnight Blue. I wanted to keep this color true to what was in the container but wanted to extend the life of it as well as give my hair a deep conditioning treatment.
4. Separate your hair into 4 equal sections, this is just to make it easier to get a nice even color throughout. Clip three of the sections out of the way and begin coloring around the edges of one section. I personally find it easiest to start in the back and work my way to the front.
5. Using your coloring brush apply the darker color to your roots only. Begin by going around the edges first and then parting and applying color section by section. Begin pulling some of the darker
6. Using your hands apply the lighter color to the ends of your hair. Making sure that every curl is getting an even distribution of color down the very ends.
7. Taking rubbing alcohol and cotton pad and clean off any color that has gotten on your skin to prevent staining.
8. Cover hair with plastic cap or bag.
9. Rinse, wash, condition, and style hair as desired.
10. Go out looking like a fabulous Midnight Unicorn 


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