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Create a YouTube end card end slate or video outro to help you get more video views and help your YouTube channel grow. We use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create the video end card and then we use Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate to add videos and photos to the end card. This is a great way to get more views for your other videos and get more subscribers.

00:37 Here we are in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and it's time to get our end card thing going

00:45 Let's go to File, New and we're going to set our width at 1920 pixels and our height at 1080 pixels because that's the type of video that we're making when we make our HD video

01:19 I'm gonna do mine with a photo, I'm gonna go to File, Place and I'm going to select the photo that I want to use and I'm going to click on Place

02:12 Next thing I wanna do is I wanna set up some little boxes to put in my thumbnails or my videos

02:21 I'm gonna make sure that I'm on the rectangle tool and if I'm not, you can always right click and you can see which type of tool options you have here I'm gonna click on the Rectangle tool and then I'm going to create a rectangle, it doesn't really matter the size right now

02:40 What I wanna do is make sure that it's still 1920 x 1080 as far as my width and my height because when I put my little videos in here, once again they're 1920 x 1080, I’m gonna change the width to 1920 pixels and the height to 1080 pixels

03:01 Now I'm gonna go ahead and select my Move tool, I’m going to hit CRTL + T on my keyboard so that I can transform this, gonna place my cursor at that corner grab point again, hold down my Shift key and I'm gonna move it down to size again, click on the Checkmark first now I'll go to Layer, Layer Style and Stroke and I wanna put a little white stroke around the video little box

04:07 Alright now that I have this in position I'm going to make sure that my rectangle is still selected over here in the Layers section, and I'm gonna hit CTRL + J to duplicate it, and I'm just gonna drag one of the duplicates over and I will make sure that I'm on the purple line to make sure that everything is still lined up do CTRL + J again

04:53 Next thing I wanna do is add some text

06:34 So you wanna make a call to action on your end card to get people engaged and that's what we're gonna do

08:04 We need a subscribe button on here, so we'll go to File, Place and I'm gonna find a subscribe button and we're gonna put this into place

08:50 And now we want to add some more text and this time we're gonna say ”click Here to Subscribe” alright good to go

09:11 Let's go ahead and go to Layer, Layer Style, Stroke put a little small black stroke on there

09:19 Go to our Move tool pull it down somewhere where we like it and now CTRL+T to size this up make it match up with the image here

09:55 And that's a wrap we got our lovely end card or end slate for our videos

10:10 Here we are in Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate

10:31 Good thing about using a photo for your end card is that you can make it as long or as short as you need it to be based on what videos or photos you're gonna be using in the end card

10:44 I'm gonna drag this underneath the other media and size it up here, now I'm gonna activate the track or the video clip, above the end card by left clicking on it, I’ll right click on it, go to Open Effects Editor, I’ll go to 2D-3D, I'll click on the Arrow to get more options and I'll select Studio PIP

11:30 In Pinnacle Studio Plus or Ultimate click on Solo, click on the drop down arrow next to Solo and select Show Media and Tracks Below

12:02 Now use the slider or type in the numbers until you get it right and then my position and now my videos in place

13:55 Now it's set up go to go for every time I want to use this end card

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