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This has always been my favorite scene in Toy Story 2 (a movie I used to be obsessed beyond reason with back in the day). Although I love a few of the moments leading up to this scene, these few moments are the ones I loved most.

Reasons why:
1. Epic Woody and Buzz argument. Woody can be so cold! It's awesome :D "Well, you wasted your time."

2. Tom Hanks singing "You've Got A Friend In Me." UM, hello!!

3. The dramatic moment with Buzz hearing the song and stopping when he's in the vent. By this time, you know he and Woody are totally BFFs and who wants to lose their BFF, especially when there's a BFF song playing in the background? Sad Buzz DX

4. After real Buzz says, "Let's go." fake Buzz follows all the other toys like, "whatever, I'm totally part of this group now." Haha, so funny.

5. The way fake Buzz peeks around the corner and also says, "Yes?" I LOL every single time!

6. Fake Buzz's face when all the other toys cheer because Woody has decided to come with them after all. It's just too funny. And why is he even excited? He doesn't even know Woody, lol.

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