Miraculous Ladybug Episode 5 - Copycat (Part 5 of 6) (English)

Channel: Nick Taylor


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Ladybug arrives just as Copycat is about to remove Cat Noir's ring. He tells her that the akuma is inside the ring, encouraging her to take it off Cat's finger just as the ring loses its second dot. The real Cat Noir begs Ladybug to ask the impostor about their relationship while using a nickname only the actual Cat Noir uses. Ladybug, realizing something is fishy, asks Copycat if he kept their secret promise. Not knowing that Ladybug and Cat Noir never made any promises, Copycat says he kept the secret, revealing himself as the fake. He says he loves Ladybug and insists that he would much better for her than the real Cat Noir. Ladybug replies that while Cat Noir has his flaws, he has never lied to her. Cat Noir kicks Copycat off of him.