Download video: Toram Online: INFINITE MP!!! ~Spam Snipe Endlessly~

Channel: Toramthropy


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Giant Knight mini-boss devoured by hybrid snipers and tank. With this build you can constantly regenerate mana, as an infinite cycle.
The Infinite Mana Sniper. This is the ultimate boss/mini-boss damager character and for it to be possible you need a good tank (provoker) to be holding aggro.
You can use the main dps combo (which spends 4 mp bars) until you have low mana, then switch to this mana-saver combo so your mp doesn't end in the battle. No more MP charge needed in battles, no more AMPR gear ever! Just snipe your way endlessly until the target dies.

This can be done using the build #3 "Ultimate Sniper" listed in my thread and the mana-saver combo is Combo #2:
You can also find there the heavy snipe combo (dps, combo #1), as well as the 'Pure Sniper' build and the tankier 'Survival Sniper' build.
* Have in mind that all my equipments were boss drops and any damage I did can be easily surpassed if you have good gears.
Have fun sniping.

I want to highlight my friend Piamoto who buffed us with Bless and Gloria and did an excellent job holding the aggro from me and the others.

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