New-style Biomass gasifier working principle

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Remarks :THe burner has smoke in the video is in order to let customer understand the working principle , under normal working condition it is without smoke

Working principle:

Biomass gasification is a high temperature for a variety of physical and chemical reaction process. It was based on the biomass as raw material, with air as the gasification agent, under the condition of high temperature by chemical reactions into the process of gas fuel. In turn, after drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction stage. Biomass after high temperature reaction is decomposed into three categories of products.

1. Combustible smoke (mainly for the CO, H2, CH4 and other mixed gases)

2. Liquid (tar, also can burn)

3. Solid ash carbon

The process as following :

Solid biomass gas (Combustible smoke ) combustion heat energy

The advantage compared with direct-fired biomass burner :

1. No ash when flame fly out : why ? Because two reasons , A) only a tiny wind going through fuel material (less than a third of direct-fired burner ‘s air volume); B) Much more fuels inside the gasification chamber (more than five times of direct-fired ‘s )

2. Any biomass pellet can be operated ( wood pellet , Agro pellet ,rice husk pellet ,bamboo powder pellet ) : why ? Because no open flame combustion in chamber , and temperature is low only 500-900C , will not form clinker .

3. No feeding key broken or grate damage problem : because the gasification burner is without feeding screw and grate.

4. Nozzle can last up to 2-3 year : the nozzle is of unique design ,it will never burn red so durable and cost saving .
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