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To brighten your skin, I use Japanese rice bran which you can easily get in Asian super market.

At sake brewery in Japan, workers have beautiful hands, because their hands are always touched to rice bran to make sake. Scientists found out that rice bran works to reduce age spots, freckles and brighten skin.

So now I mix my rice bran with water to make it paste to apply on my face.

This can be gentle exfoliation.

Apply all over the face. and then, use wet cotton. peel the cotton one by one to apply it over the face. By the way, in order to get benefit from rice bran's brightening effect, you can also eat miso, soy source or drink sake too. I love sake and sometimes pour it in my bathtub. It warms, relaxes, and brightens your whole body.

This face is really scary like mummy. Once I was doing this in front of my boy friend, and soon after that he dumped me! that might be because of this mask or I was seeing another guy at the same time. I don't know. Anyway, the body friend was not that good, he said that he wants his son to be soccer player in the future, so he wants tall girl friend like 5.7, so that his son will be tall genetically. and I was dumped after half year. But if he had known the height condition before, he shouldn't have dated with me originally. That's weird. but now if I recall, maybe he just made up the funny reason to break up with me. I don't know...anyway That's fine, because I got better boy friend soon after that, so this cotton mask can be beneficial not just for reducing age spots but also finding better relationship.

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