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On your phone download the song "carousel" by Melanie Martinez and play while watching. I promise it adds to the drama lol, I can't add it to the video or Youtube will take it down and flag my account. wahh.

This Look was created exclusively for Jay Ax new music video "Nah Neva That ft. Kritikal"
Which will be publish tomorrow night between 10-11 pm EST. Each model in the video is wearing this look! applied by 4 AMAZING makeup artists and I will list their information below incase you want to check them out. read the rest for the full story and full details.

Hello Youtube !!!!

So here is what has been keeping me so busy. I created this look last year for halloween and posted onto instagram. It was so so popular that after I posted so many people re created. Some gave me credit, and some just copied it claiming it was their original idea -_--
K. (PSA-In instagram politics re creating a look and claiming it was your idea, especially with facepaint is also known as stealing a look. It the makeup community there are copies of everything. but with face paint its so obvious when you blatantly copied someone and maliciously did not want to give them credit. so just a little advice, give credit where its due. Ahkay!)

A friend of mine also loved this look and wanted to have it done on models for his new music video. Jay Ax He hired me as creative director So I also made the tutorial to show him the concept of the look, and a tutorial for the makeup artists we hired to help. Its not the best tutorial because I was just going with it, this was not planned everything was freehand. thats why I had to hide it from you guys until today. Also the music video is finished! It will be publish tomorrow night and of course ill be adding the link to my bio on instagram.

I love this look the most, I was originally inspired by the song "carousel" by Melanie Martinez. Thats the song playing on my instagram for a mini clip of this video. But i can't use it for youtube or it will end up being taken down because My account is set up to make an income. This is the type of art i like to create. This is what I love doing. I love all expressions of makeup, i like to creatively direct and this project brought a lot of light to that part of me. Im now running with the new title. I knew i wasn't just a "makeup-artist" I'm a makeupARTIST, I create images and direction for a concept. If you love this type of makeup you probably do too. so run with it. I hope you feel ambitious and this encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone. Because your a shark and i believe in you.

I hope you guys love it and your going to re create or even want to be this for halloween please tag me so I can see!! Use the hashtag #Tinakpromua

I wanted to do so much more for this video and I'm thinking of showing a side by side from last year to this year lol.

Ill list the necessary products incase you need them, and information on the other makeup artists who worked on set with me and of course Jay Ax himself.
And if you were on set watching this, Thank you SOOOO much. The opportunity to work with any of you was more than what i was hoping for.

Instagram- @tinakpromua
twitter- @tinakosnik
snapchat- tinakpromua


face paint- @wolfefaceartfx 12 color palette
party city also sells water based face paint. dot bother with cream colors, water based is inexpensive and much easier to work with and it comes out much nicer

eyesliners- Sephora liquid liner, ELF liquid liner

eyeshadows- Anastasia Beverly hills artist palette was definitely key for the eye makeup
also Morphe 35N is amazing for this as well

Lips- I used Anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick in Midnight, any black lipstick will due just set with translucent powder. Also you can use black eyeshadow and anastasias "beauty Genius" as a mixing medium and it will last all night and be very matte incase you want to wear this for your halloween night

lashes- @ohmylashx any dramatic and super thick lash will do but i used "Desiree" from this site

i could list product for product and for most looks i will. But this look has nothing to do with products, its your art work. Use what you can and get creative.

Jay Ax / @ifyouaxme / #nahnevathat #dontaxdonttell #jayax
Kritikal / @krtnyc

Nimi Hendrix / @nimihendrix

Creative director of Makeup and Wardrobe-
Tina Kosnik / @tinakpromua / #tinakpromua

Makeup Artists-
Tina Kosnik / insta:@tinakpromua / #tinakpromua
Ashley Alexandre / insta:@_Ashleysophia /
Miryam oquendo / insta:@glossythings / #glossythings
Christianna Gastelum / insta:@glammakeup_bycg /
Melissa Martinez / insta:@mylissa_xoxo /

Candice Leisengang / insta:@candoyourhair
Bria Franklin / @Bicae