Fiestar: "Miraculous Ladybug Theme Song" Trailer [ENG SUB]

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*Refer to the translation bit below.

After quite some time, I have finally subtitled this video. Fiestar, an amazing group, has been chosen to sing "Miraculous Ladybug" 's theme song. The five ladies, expectedly, do an outstanding job, and as always, it is enlightening to witness the group handling multiple concepts for music.

This video is a trailer for the show "Miraculous Ladybug." It is a French, Japanese, and Korean show. I am uncertain on the French and Japanese versions, but so far, the Korean version has begun airing.

To confess, I have watched one episode (Korean version), and I personally have enjoyed it. Obviously, the show is intended for a younger audience, but it is appealing for what it is. (And on my blog for when I review this song or even the show itself, I will address why this is such an important show, and in many ways, why I hope it becomes an incredible hit.)

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Translations are solely by me. There may be multiple errors, but the general idea should be given. Apologies for inaccurate translations. I will add corrections in the future if need be.

My Korean comprehension and knowledge is adequate enough for me to watch the second episode with decent understanding (and enough to enjoy the show versus remaining in confusion), but when it comes to songs, I struggle heavily (losing visual context, for one example, obviously, will hinder comprehension). Therefore, the current subtitles are far from accurate. I hope viewers will provide corrections over time. Consider this a collaborative project; this video, over time through feedback, will become more accurate. YouTube Closed Captions will be added once corrections are sent in.

Edit 1: Thank you to all who have sent in corrections. I am also very grateful that, for corrections sent in, all have been very helpful and friendly. Once more, apologies for inaccurate translations on my part.

Edit 2: I will be adding in these corrections eventually, but for the most accurate translation to the lyrics (in credit to Sunny Lee; refer to their comment on the video):


Edit 3: I have officially added Sunny Lee's correction to the video. Please watch the video with YouTube Closed Captions enabled. This should be the most accurate translation possible. Again, huge thanks to everyone who contributed, and thanks to everyone who accepted my earlier mistakes. I am glad that collaboration led to a more enjoyable and accurate video for all viewers. Thank you to all.

No copyright infringement intended. This video is for solely providing translations. No profit is being made whatsoever.